Monday, November 2, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

Tri-box ornament with bath fizzy ball inside.

M & M's Christmas Story Card

The Santa cocoa mug (original by Michelle Woodard)
Christmas stocking stuffers - do they even exist anymore? When did video games become stocking stuffers? What happened to the good old little gifts that you got to open on Christmas morning that were just as much fun as the 'bigger' gift under the tree?
In our home we have had a tradition that started when my daughter was little. On Christmas morning, when she woke up at the crack of dawn, literally, she could open all the little gifts in her Christmas stocking until a decent hour (7:00 am) that mom and dad woke up and then we could grab a cup of coffee or cocoa and sit around the tree and open the rest of the gifts. This continued when my son was little and we still do this today. For the sake of safety and to prevent early Christmas morning ER visits, Santa used to put the small gifts in the stockings that hung on the mantle and once filled, he took the stockings and hung them on their bedroom door handle. Smart Santa - this way the heavy stocking holders would not fall off the mantle and onto little heads. As they grew older, Santa no longer felt it necessary to do this. Is he smart or what?

With stocking stuffers in mind, I am making a few little gifts that I thought would be fun and inexpensive. Not all of them are my original ideas, but I have taken the ideas from some very creative people and adapted them for my own.

By the way, my 'crack of dawn' comment above means 5:00 am. We lived in South Africa where Christmas is in the middle of the summer and dawn begins at around 4:30 am. So you see, we had to come up with an ingenious solution ... uh, I mean tradition ... to have a couple of hours extra sleep which ofcourse didn't quite happen because of the squeals of excitement coming from the room next door, but we tried.


  1. I love the M&Ms story card!

    My husband and I don't have kids, but he and I do stockings for each other, and my adult sisters and I do them for each other and for our parents. We used to go a lot more for candy and very small gifts; now we end up with things like chapstick plus one or two slightly nicer things like kitchen gadgets. (We try to stay a little further away from all that candy now that we don't have the metabolism of children!)

    I admit my husband tends to spoil me a little with a gift card or two in the stocking, but I do agree with you that stockings with just little inexpensive gifts can be just as much fun, if not more, for the little ones.

  2. where can i find the cocoa mug just love it
    you rock with you card like always love you work

  3. Hi Anonymous, I cut the mug with my cricut machine.

  4. Lena thank you for your reply
    my email is
    and thank you agin i will be waiting
    for the fowerd

  5. Love the Christmas mug and all your creations! Is the mug on one of the cartridges or did you design it???
    Maria Delgado


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