Monday, April 19, 2010


Most of my cards are all done using the Cricut. I'm terrible at drawing. I'm one of those people that can't even draw a stick figure, and my colouring ... well I can stay within the lines so that has to count for something :). So, when I'm trying to do something that I can't find on a cricut cartridge or I don't have that cartridge, I normally give up on that idea and go on to the next one. Fortunately for me, my mom is visiting and she is very talented. It was my mom that made the communion chalice that you see in the card above. She drew it, scored it and hand cut it. Thanks Mom, you're the best!

This is that special time of the year when Catholic children, amongst others, are receiving some of their sacraments. I wanted to make a card that was out of the ordinary but still befitting the occasion, so I came up with this idea of a little communion girl. I like the way it turned out.

This card is for a Confirmation. I was a bit scheptical about using the different shades of green but in the end it turned out very pretty, well at least that is my very humble opinion :).


  1. Lena, these are so pretty and wish I had visited your blog a few days ago. I needed a confirmation card and just couldn't come up with anything so I sent dh to store to *gulp* buy one! LOL! I just love the colors and that little First Holy COmmunion girl is absolutely adorable!

  2. gorgeous cards Lena, I love the green too, it's so unusual.
    big hugs
    Enfys x

  3. Lena, these cards are beautiful. I love the green one the most. Which cut is the bird on that card? I tried to find it, but couldn't find it in my cart books. TFS

    Oh, also love your blog.

  4. Thank you all for your very sweet comments.

    The bird is from Indie Art Solutions Cartridge.

  5. I love all your cards - simple but elegant & beautiful. Since I am new to Cricut, it would help if there was a basic "recipe" for the cards.

    Thanks and keep your creative inspiration going!


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