Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Christmas Item of 2010!

Looking through my blog, I saw that my lil Christmas count down widget shows that there are only 98 days till Christmas! Wow, where did the rest of the year go?
A friend asked me to make a "Muffin Pan Advent Calendar". "A what?", I asked very alarmed? I had never seen one or even heard about it. So, as always when I'm in doubt, I visit my good friend "Google" and when I was able to find information and some tutorials on it, I went to work. This is what I came up with and I think it turned out very cute. She has taken it to her church and it is going to be used during 'Craft Day'. Depending on how many people sign up to do this craft, is how many kits I'm going to have to make.
You can make it any colour scheme you like. A "Winter Wonderland" one would be quite beautiful too. All shades of blue, white and silver, with snowflakes, penguins and ice-skates for example. I can picture it already ...
If you don't plan on putting any unwrapped candy in it, you could possibly spray paint the muffin pan in any of the Christmas colours. You could even hang it by drilling two holes on the side and using some sturdy ribbon. Or in order to make it more accessible to little ones, you could just put it up on a stand like the ones you use for books. The possibilities are endless, but the good thing is that they will all be fun to make. This is a fun project to do with your kids on a cold winter afternoon with hot cocoa near by :)
Just remember to get it done before the 1st of December, because that is when the countdown begins!!

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  1. i love your calendar a little more would great thank you


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