Friday, October 22, 2010

Muffin Pan Advent Calendar - Update

There is a very good reason I haven't had a chance to blog more frequently ... I have been busy making 34 kits of the Muffin Pan Advent Calendar for the church. It seems to be a very popular item this year. I made 4080 cuts with my cricut in the past two weeks. It was a lot of work ... there was a question earlier on this year as to whether the cricut is a girl or a boy, well from my experience it is definately a boy, one of those hard working country boys :). It made all these cuts with only a couple of requests - a new blade and a new a mat. Not too bad - not even a beer in site! ;)
Each one of these kits is unique in that they all have different ornaments and paper embellishments. You can also mix and match the contents to personalize it to your taste. This craft day is going to be tomorrow ~ I wish you all many hours of fun. I will be at a High School Band competition the whole day but I will think of you ladies.
If anyone would like one of these kits, please email me at and I will arrange to have it shipped to you. Shipping charges will depend on where you live. International shipping is also available. Payment will be via paypal.

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