Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monkey Diaper Cake

A friend of my daughter had her baby shower today. I still remember her as a cute little girl, coming over to play with my own little girl, so it was hard to see her all ready and excited to have a little baby of her own. Brought it home how fast these girls grew up!
Her baby boy is due in January and she has done up her baby's room in a "monkey" theme with the walls being painted in soft shades of green. I made this diaper cake for her, and she liked it very much. I had to bring in a little bit of blue, just because the one monkey had some blue on it. It all came together well, I think.
I used 65 No. 2 Pampers, 2 baby bottles as the core, and various other baby items. Inside the 80z baby bottle I put chocolates ~ I think the mommy deserves a special treat too, don't you think?


  1. so cute was wondering where you got monkey ribbon, making one for my friend due in jan also. thanks .

  2. I love this diaper cake! How do you attach
    the monkeys without ruining the diapers?

  3. Hello Anonymous. I attach the monkeys with fishing line. It secures them to the baby bottles in the centre of the diaper cake and you can't see them :-)
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you come back soon.


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