Friday, March 25, 2011


As you all know, from my previous posts, I'm not that great at colouring in. I can stay within the lines and that is about it. :-) Enfys at is having a promarkers give away. I've been looking at these markers and have been very tempted to buy them, but since I know my limited talent for colouring in, I haven't ordered them yet. I think that maybe if I actually won some, I would be more tempted to use them. I would probably have to take a class but have seen there a few online videos that are very helpful and then like anything else in life, practice would make it perfect. I hope! If you are interested in learning about these markers then visit the Letraset website at and if you want to see some great art work done using these markers,then you need to visit Enfy's blog (link above).

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