Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Unicorn Birthday

While sorting through my junk mail yesterday, I found this beautiful picture of a unicorn. I'm going to a birthday on Saturday of a little girl who just loves unicorns and this picture was perfect. I had decided to use the unicorn from PDDU, but then saw this and decided to use it instead. I think this card turned out cute and it definately was very simple to make. Some of you have asked me how I decorate my cards on the inside. I try to add something that matches the theme of the card, so in this case, I used the same scalloped mat for the sentiment. Sometimes, I will use the same flower, or in case of my Christmas cards for example, if it is a snowman card, I will punch out a couple of snowflakes in the matching colours and attach them to the one side of the sentiment. It varies with the theme of each card, but I do always try to incorporate something to give it a more finished look although I do keep it very simple.
Now to vent a little ... I've signed up with every organisation that I could find to stop all my junk mail and telemarketing calls. Obviously it hasn't helped since I still get calls and yesterday I had 22 items in my mail - 19 were junk and the other 3 were bills. Not very interesting mail at all! I guess it could have been worse, it could have been the other way around. Yikes!!!

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