Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boy 16th Birthday Invites

My son is going to be 16 next month, wow, 16! Where did the time go? That is the million dollar question isn't it? I have just found out how hard it is to set up a party for a 16 year old boy. I had absolutely no problems with a Sweet 16 for my daughter, but for a boy, there can definately be NOTHING "Sweet" about it :)
Since he has just gotten his very first car, I was thinking of car themed birthdays but all the ideas I was coming up with looked a little bit too child-like. From there, I went on to the idea of having invitations done to resemble a driving permit. But we have been to a few parties that had that and I wanted something a little different. Then the guy from the dealership called me about the car's plates being on order and the idea struck me. After looking at the plates on my car and speaking to my daughter who lives in California and looking at the plates there, this is what I came up with. You see in Texas, we don't have the little tags on the top, but these worked out perfectly to put the date of the birthday party. I think that I will make his cake to resemble a number plate too.
I may still tweak it a little. Originally I was going to use screw shaped brads but then I realized that I needed 160 of them and that would turn out quite pricey. So instead, I decided to use silver paper and score several lines on it. Then I took my small punch and punched out the circles being careful to keep the score line in the middle, and voila faux screws :) It also brings in the colour silver which I wanted because now his party will be dark blue, white and silver. I think it will turn out great for a 16 year old boy. What do you all think? Any suggestions or ideas?


  1. what a great invite!!!!

  2. I am looking for something different for my 16-year-old son, too. I love the idea! Very creative!

  3. I have been looking for something specialdifferent for my sixteen year old son too! This is a great idea! Very creative.


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