Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cricut Solution Cartridges - Reorganised

When I first started getting cricut solution cartridges, these boxes seemed to be the ideal thing and I got two of them.  They really seemed great as they fit 8 cartridges and 8 overlays.  What started annoying me was the fact that I had to keep my handbooks elsewhere as they didn't fit in the box.  In my case, I kept them in this bright pink accordian little binder.  It also got old the fact that everytime I wanted a cartridge I had to run through the 8 overlays to find the one I was looking for and that is over and above the fact that everytime I opened the box, most of the overlays would fall out . Anyway, as you can see it was really starting to bug me.  I always feel that if I can't find one thing that is good about something, then it is probably time to change it :)

 I saw this binder at Jo-Anns and felt that it would be a better solution as at least I could keep everything together in one place.  Plus this binder fits perfectly on my shelf and is rather stylish, don't you think?

So, dear friends this is what it now looks like.  You'll notice that I have stored my cartridges upside down.  This is because the little nets are rather snug fitting and it's just easier to get the cartridges out by placing them in there this way.  The overlays and the handbooks now sit together in one of the side pockets. I have them corresponding to the positioning of the carts. As you can see, there are limits to this too.  I only have space for another 2 solution carts before I have to start another one, but since I haven't bought any in a while, I think that it will still last a good long time. I find that most of the carts that Cricut is coming out with I already have or have one that is very similar to it. I haven't joined the whole Craftroom craze yet. I don't like the fact that I have to rely on the internet in order to do my crafting, but I'm not totally opposed to the idea either.  I guess I've just been enjoying what I already have and my new passion of stamps and dies and this keeps me quite busy.
There are many other solutions to storing cricut cartridges and if you thinking about this, then my advice is to spend some time cruising the web to get ideas and to figure out what will work best for you.  I like having all my cartridges in their original boxes and on my shelf as you can see in the pic below

For some people, especially those who have collected all of the cartridges, it is very space consuming and so I noticed that quite a number of people are opting for putting them in some sort of box storage.  If you planning on doing that, then you won't need a seperate storage solution for your seasonal carts.
I hope that this post has helped some of you, my friends, who are thinking of reorganising your cricut cartridges

Hugs to all,


  1. I love these little binders. I bought one last year at the Scrap Book Expo and I should've bought two because I filled it and still have more solution carts! LOL I love how organized your carts are on the shelves. Mine are stacked in a cupboard, and elsewhere.
    Lots of Hugs,

  2. When you are done, please come and help me !!!

  3. Hi Lena, love your storage ideas......its all so neat and tidy! I'm like you , I like the handbook with the cart. Thanks for sharing!


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