Thursday, August 23, 2012

Organization Frenzy Over!

I think so, at least for now :) The last of my peeves was my Spellbinders and other dies that I have.

I went from having them all in this box, which was not only growing out of space but also annoying to page through as the plastic sleeves tend to stick together, to ... well you'll see the result on the last pic.

 I ordered more of the SU! boxes and went to work. First I placed a 4" long piece of double sided tape on  the inside of the box.

Then I placed all my dies on it - basically the same way they come.  I have investigated using magnetic sheets, but they are all too soft and when you bend them, the dies fall off, so that wouldn't work for me.

 I made a template similar to the one I made for the clear/cling stamps and used the front of the orginal packaging to put on the front of each box.

 In order to make them a little different and add some pizazz, I got some of this blue paper at Office Depot.  Since my scraproom is mostly decorated in blue and white, with a little bit of pink thrown it :), it matched perfectly.

So here is the final product. They sit on my shelf inside the same little crates I got from Walmart and they are neat and tidy and easily accessible.  I didn't alphabatize them as such, but I did put them in shape families.

So for now, I think I have found a solution to all the little peeves I had within my craft room.  I'm so happy that this is all done.  Now, not only will I have more time to play with my toys and get creative again, but I will also be able to spend more bucks on new toys instead of storage containers :)

If anyone needs any further information or a copy of the template, which is in the form of a Word Document, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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  1. I'm so jealous! Great job taking the time to really organize. It looks awesome!


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