Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unspoiled Coastline

I've been in an organizing frenzy so no crafting to post.  In an effort to keep up with my blog, though I wanted to share a few more adventures of our vacation.
On the way back from the Algarve to Lisbon, we decided to take the coastal route instead of the intercity highway.

We stopped here at this beautiful place after driving around in the mountains for about 17 minutes and came to this beautiful spot along the south western coast of Portugal. 

 The only man made thing is this boardwalk for which I was very grateful :)

 This is the Atlantic Ocean as its best just beating up against the sheer cliffs of the coast.

There are no words that can adequately describe this - the air is pure and crisp and lightly scented by the beautiful wildflowers, and the only noise is from the waves washing up against the cliffs and the birds.  It is so peaceful that I could quite happily pitch a tent and live there forever.  (Actually, a little cottage with all amenities - more my idea of camping :)

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of paradise with me.


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  1. These pictures are so beautiful! The water looks amazing! If I could close my eyes for a moment then open them and I would be there. I can imagine hearing the waves crashing against the cliffs, sand between my toes, and a cool drink in hand. (Oh, can't forget the handsome tan man beside me! lol) Thanks for the imaginary vacation.


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