Friday, October 19, 2012

Homecoming Mum

I always enjoy a new challenge and this mum was definately one of them.  I had never made one before, so after watching various YouTube videos I ventured forth, and voila, a homecoming mum.  My son didn't want a very big mum because his girlfriend is rather petit, so he didn't want the mum to be overwhelming.  I think this worked out perfectly and she absolutely loved it which in the end was the most important thing :) 
There are some mums out there that requires the girl to wear a harness around her neck in order to keep it up ... is that really necessary?  Is the size of a mum relevant to anything?  Is it a measure of affection?  I've asked some of my American friends to explain it to me, and you guys, I had to laugh because the opinions go from one extreme to the other! :)


  1. Wow! It's amazing! I've never seen one before. Wonderful job! I hope to see a pic of them :)

    Lots of Hugs,

  2. Can you explain to me what this is?
    I mean i can see what you made but I don't now what it is for.
    Looks very nice!!!

  3. How pretty! Love that you have their names in the middel ribbon strand, are they stickers? Great job Lena:)

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.

  4. Hi Ladies,
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me some sweet comments.
    Marian - I will explain on an email.
    Monica - Yes, I bought a ribbon in the school colours and some silver glitter stickers and made the names and the embellishments on either end of their names.
    Take care ya'll :)

  5. You did a very good job! Looks good :)


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