Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Acetate Christmas Card

I have seen a bunch of these clear acetate cards and have liked them all ... until I did my own.  I must say that I'm not impressed with it at all.  I found it difficult to work with, I must have washed my hands a gazillion times and yet there were finger prints all over it all the time. You have to figure out all the cuts in such a way that they match in order to hide the adhesives and for me this was not a pleasure to make.  All in all I'm not that disgruntled (although I probably sound like it) that I'm ready to trash it and being determined as I am, (my mom has always called me stubborn, but determined sounds so much better hehe) I'm going to give it another try sometime.
Last year, right after Christmas, I found a box of beautiful cards at Barnes & Noble for next to nothing, so I bought it.  Problem is that now all my family and friends expect hand made cards, so I decided to do a little recycling and that my crafty friends is where I got this beautiful village image on the front of the card.  Since it looks so cold, I decided that adding a snowman and a snowflake was in order. So here it is, my acetate card!
I would love to hear from you with your opinions, comments or suggestions about using acetate to make cards.  Any guidance would definately be welcome.
I will be back tomorrow with another QCC (Quick Christmas Card) using MS tags. Till then, stay warm and enjoy the rest of your day.



  1. I never worked with this. You have to show me in March.
    It looks very nice.

    Your virtual cat is back!!!!

    hugs Marian

  2. I love it! The image is beautiful. The snowman is a cute touch. I've never worked with acetate. Yours looks wonderful! Great job my friend!
    Lots of Hugs,


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