Friday, May 9, 2014


Hello my crafting friends.  For some reason, I have lost all the information of the blogs that I was following.  I don't get them on blogger and I don't get any email notifications either.  Can anyone help me, please?
I'm not sure what went wrong and unfortunately I don't have a list of all the wonderful crafters that I followed.  I'm feeling very deprived at the moment.  You may have noticed a lack of comments from me on your posts ... well this is the reason why.
If anyone can help me to get it all back, I would really appreciate it.  If it is one of those things that can't be recovered, then won't be so kind as to leave a comment so that I can begin following you again.
I tried by clicking on my "follower" pics, but I don't get to anyone's blog from there either.  A few blog addresses that I remember, I tried to put myself as a follower and to sign up by email again and it won't allow me to do it because I says I'm already a subscriber/follower.
I really don't know where to go from here!


  1. I have not heard of this happening before Lena, I have lost the odd blog from time to time and then they have come back on there own and I have ended up with a list of only that blogs posts, sorry I cant help
    Kevin xx

  2. Hey Lena! I just looked at your profile, and all of your blogs are listed there....hope that helps a bit! Were they also listed on your sidebar? If so, you can go into your layout, add a gadget, and just look for the option to list the blogs you follow. Hope it works out!!!

  3. Hi Lena, if you go to your Blogger dashboard, hopefully they will be there, or your Bloglovin profile, if you have one. Thanks for your comment on my post today and hello from a new follower :)

    Em xxx


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