Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Personalized Ornaments

Hello everyone.  I hope today was a great start to a great week.
I have a few ornaments that I personalized that I would like to share with you.

I bought this ornament for my son, who graduated from High School in June 2014. I cut this out of black vinyl using my Cricut Explore.  It measures 3" wide and just .36" high. Can you believe how tiny and clean it cut?  It was the perfect kiss-cut ~ easy to weed out the little bits and pieces, placed it on transfer tape, then onto the ornament, some burnishing of the letters, and voila, perfect! :-)  I just noticed that one of my angels is also in the picture. :-)

I made this ornament for my little granddaughter.  Loved this little snowgirl with the hearts rub-on sticker.  I coloured in the centre of the snowflakes in the ribbon to match the red of the ornament.  Plain white looked a little blah :-)

Here is the other side. I also cut this out of vinyl using the Cricut Explore, but used my own computer fonts.  Have I told you how much I'm loving this machine? :-)  Since this font has hearts, I thought it perfect.  It's called Fiolex Girls.  For this ornament, though, I used the negative part of the vinyl to glass etch it.  Since I had filled the ornament with fake snow, the etching was not "popping" enough for my liking, so I rubbed some Silver Leaf Rub 'n Buff on it.  I also added the two little red hearts to match the hearts in the front and to add some colour to the back.

Here is another one I made for a friend's little grandson.  This time I used silver and blue ribbon and a snowman prismatic sticker.

Here is the other side of the ornament, made in the same way as the one above, but using the Cricut Fonts.  This ornament traveled far - all the way south, across the Atlantic, 
to sunny Durban in South Africa :-)

And here are three more I made for three special little girls.  I used a set of Christmas Teddy Bear Trio, and etched their names on the back the same way as the ones above.  These also traveled, but this time just across the Atlantic to Algarve, Portugal :-) One of them, though, still had a connecting flight to London, England!  I feel so important! :-)  My ornaments are travelling all over the globe :-)

I enjoy making these ornaments. They are easy to make, bright and cheerful, very festive and perfect as gifts as they are light and travel well.  They are glass, but I haven't had any break on me yet!

I hope you enjoyed your visit and I hope that I've inspired you to make your own ornaments to give to loved ones next Christmas.

Till next time
Happy Crafting!

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  1. All of these are gorgeous and what a treasured keepsake!


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