Monday, June 8, 2015

Pocket Letter #1 ~ Texas Style!

Hello bloggie friends.  I was recently introduced to Pocket Letters.  The more I look and read about them, the more I'm liking them :-)

I decided to send my very first one to my SIL, who, as you all know by now, lives in Holland. Since we live in Texas, I thought it would be fun to make one all about our home.  Of course, I could not pass up on including some real "eye candy" in the form of these hunky cowboys :-)  If you click on the picture, you will be able to see it better.

I did not write a little letter telling her all about myself, because, let's face she knows me pretty well.  I have been married to her brother for almost 30 years, so I decided to include a little note with some cowboy quotes instead.

I also believe, that you do not have to include little gifts on the back of each pocket, but I thought it would be fun since she also enjoys making cards.  I kept all the little surprises to where it would not make a very bulky package so that I could place it inside a regular business envelope (9" x 4").  In case you're wondering about the $1 bill - it's so she can buy a lotto ticket when she next visits ;-)

I hope you had fun looking through my very first Pocket Letter.  My SIL loved it, and all the little surprises.

Thank you for visiting today.
I wish you all a very happy and crafty week.



  1. Love your pocket letter. I like the idea of the $1 bill to get a lottery ticket!

  2. How neat. I have been seeing a lot of these pocket letters recently. I may have to make one soon. What a lovely surprise for your SIL.


  3. OMG Lena your Pocket Letters are so awesome...Yours are so clever, coo and creative. Love your western/cowboy theme and then you gifty pocket letters are funtabuous. Your SIL is so going to love it all WOW you so outdid yourself. I love it. I'm new to it was tons of fun to see what you did. YOU so ROCK!!

  4. This is great, Lena! I'm yet to create any of these but you've inspired me to do so soon xxx

  5. Thank you. This was my first pocket letters I received .
    I love it.
    Now it is my turn!!!
    Marian’s creaties

  6. This is awesome! Pocket Letters are so much fun, I love love love your Texas Themed one! It's awesome. I'd love to receive a state themed one from all states! How fun!
    ♥ Samantha
    Designs by Sammy


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