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DIY Home Decor | Pineapple Jar

I'm not particularly known for being ahead of trends, so it's probably no surprise to you that I'm sharing a pineapple DIY well past it's sell by date.
As much as I love an accessory, I'm also lacking in space, so this DIY tries to bring both together in the most stylish/functional way.  Here's how you can create your own storage jar using a Decopatch shape and spray paint!.


Mache Pineapple / Gold Paint / Craft Knife / Packaging Cardboard / Pencil / Glue Gun


Start by marking the lid of the pineapple with a pencil and ruler, before carefully cutting through the mache with a craft knife to separate:

| TIP | If this stage goes horribly wrong or you aren't happy with the neatness of your cut, it can be fixed! Tear small strips of paper / thin cardboard and glue to the pineapple to neaten the edges or even fix the pineapple back together.
Also - the inside is plastic - the more you know!

For the quickest and easiest DIY in all of craftland, you could leave the make here and jump straight to painting, however; here's a way to create a secure hold to keep the top and bottom of the pineapple together.

Cut a length of the packaging cardboard [this is the corrugated thick card], around 1cm wide and wrap this on the inside of the pineapple opening.
Fix in place with the glue gun at the points where it meets and let it set.  Once the cardboard is in place, fix in place securely by filling the gaps with the glue gun and leave to set:

Repeat this method for the pineapple lid.
When dry, add a second, wider length of cardboard to the inside - this should be placed with around 3cm prominent from the lid to hold the top and bottom together - before fixing in place, ensure that the jar holds securely together:

After your glue has dried, you may find the lid lip doesn't sit flush to the bottom, so use a craft knife to even out these areas and ensure the gap is consistent around the jar.

Next, take yourself to a very well ventilated area outside, protect all your surroundings and spray the inside and outside of your pineapple gold.  Small light sprays work best and will prevent the paint running - a couple of coats may be needed and it should be left to dry completely:

...before filling with items that need tidying away.
DIY stylish, affordable and practical storage for the win.  This can be applied to most of the DecoPatch range - which would you choose?

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