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How To Make A Piggy Bank From Used Plastic Bottle

How To Make A Piggy Bank From Used Plastic Bottle

How to make a piggy bank from used plastic bottles is also very easy, it only requires free time, imagination and creativity.

Here are the steps and guides on how to make a piggy bank from used bottles

Tools and Materials :

  1. Used water bottles for drinks,
  2. Wrapping paper or other types of patterned paper,
  3. White cardboard,
  4. Selective
  5. Knives and scissors,
  6. Permanent marker or black paint,
  7. 4 bottle caps and screws.

How to make :

  • First, wash the used beverage packaging bottles until they are clean.
  • Then make a hole 5 - 7.5 cm wide in the middle of the bottle to put the money in later.
  • Then prepare the cardboard, wrapping paper, and bottle caps and screws to complete the decoration.
  • Cut the cardboard into the shape of a pig's ear, then coat the wrapping paper on the surface.
  • Also cut the wrapping paper as wide as the circumference of the drink bottle. Then glue the parts on the bottle to sweeten the appearance.
  • Additional bottle caps and screws are used to make the pork legs. Place it proportionally and symmetrically at the bottom.
  • And finally, you need to make fake eyes and nostrils using black marker or paint.

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