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How to Make Ice Packs from Baby Diapers and Tapioca Flour

How to Make Ice Packs from Baby Diapers and Tapioca Flour

How to Make a Simple Ice Pack - Ice pack or ice gell is one of the objects or tools that are usually used to carry breastmilk (ASIP) by nursing mothers or it is also useful for food or beverage SME business people who want their products to last a long time.

Ice packs can also be used as cold therapy to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, or bruising.

The cold slows down blood flow to the cut or injury, which reduces pain and swelling.

You do this by placing an ice pack on the body that is sick or injured once an hour, for 10 minutes each, for the first 72 hours. If after 72 hours there is still pain, use an ice pack 3 times a day, each for 15-20 minutes.

Ice packs are also often called blue ice, this is because most of the ice packs on the market are blue.

To buy an ice pack that is sold in the market, of course, it is quite expensive, for that we can outsmart it by making the ice pack yourself at home using simple ingredients that we can find at home.

Then how do you make the ice pack?

Well, here are 2 simple types of ingredients that we can use to make ice gells or ice packs, here's how:

1. How To Make an Ice Pack From Baby Diapers.

How To Make an Ice Pack From Baby Diapers

How to make an ice pack from pampers or baby diapers is very simple. The material is very simple and how to do it is very easy. The shape is almost similar to the original ice pack.

But not all of us are painstaking in making it ourselves, especially if we need a lot of it every day.

Buying semi-finish ice gel products that are cheap is certainly more of an option. Moreover, the price of ice packs can be cheaper than ice pack ingredients that you make yourself.

Are you curious about how to make ice gel from pampers? For those of you who want to try it, you can follow the steps below:

Materials for making ice packs from Diapers.

The following materials are needed to make ice packs from pampers, namely:

  • 2 to 3 glasses of water in a basin.
  • 1 pampers or baby diaper with the best quality gel.
  • Glass plastic with a lid on the edge.

How To Make An Ice Pack From Baby Diapers.

The following are the steps or the process for making ice packs from baby diapers, namely:

  • Get a container containing 2 to 3 glasses of cold water.
  • Put one pampers that have not been used into the container, soak for a few minutes until it is heavy like it has been used by the little one. Make sure all the water has been absorbed by the gel in the pampers.
  • Remove the heavy pampers, then remove the wet part of the gel. Place in a separate container, the other parts of the pampers can be thrown away.
  • Now you have the gel pampers that will be used for ice packs. If you think you can absorb more water, add another half to one glass of water until it is completely absorbed.
  • After that, put the gel into a plastic that can be closed at the edges. Enter until full and flatten. Similar to clear ice gel that is sold in the market.
  • This ice gel is also ready to be used in the refrigerator or other places. 

Easy isn't it how to make ice packs from diapers?

The cold power of this ice gel is longer than ice cubes, so it is perfect for traveling with food, milk, or fruits.

If how to make ice gel from pampers is easy enough, why buy ice gel on the market?

One of the reasons is due to the efficiency of prices. Depending on user needs, if you need large quantities, it will be more economical to buy finished ice packs on the market.

But if you only need 1 or 2 ice packs at home, this method of making your own is perfect for you.

The price of good pampers is certainly quite expensive, plus the plastic and time to make them.

Meanwhile, the price of ice pack or ice gel is very affordable, especially if you buy it in large quantities. How to make ice packs from pampers above as a guide and knowledge information for you.

2. How to Make an Ice Pack from Tapioca Flour.

How to Make an Ice Pack from Tapioca Flour

Apart from pampers, ice gel or ice packs can also be made from tapioca flour. If you feel uncomfortable using pampers, you can learn how to make an ice pack from tapioca flour.

Why was tapioca flour chosen? Tapioca flour or starch, or aci flour is usually thick. Almost the same in nature as the gel in the pampers.

Apart from tapioca flour, you can also use sago flour. It usually thickens when heated. This material can also be used to make ice packs or ice gels.

How to make an ice pack from flour is just as easy as making it from pampers. It's just that, in making this flour material, you need a stove to cook the flour.

If you think negatively about pampers, this flour material can be an alternative choice.

You can choose the flour used, besides tapioca flour you can also use sago flour. It depends on which one is available and easy to get. More details, here are the ingredients and how to make them:

Ingredients for making Ice Packs from Tapioca Flour.

The following are the ingredients needed to make ice gell from tapioca flour, namely:

  • 1 kg tapioca flour.
  • 5 to 6 liters of cold water for cooking.
  • 250 ml of vinegar used for food.
  • A clear plastic bag that has a flap on top. Choose a thicker type of glass plastic.

How and Steps to Make Ice Pack from Tapioca Flour.

Here are the steps or the process for making an ice pack from tapioca flour:

  • The first way to make an ice pack from tapioca flour is by cooking the flour with water. Put the water in the pan then add the flour.
  • Stir until blended and heat on the stove until thickened. Usually it doesn't take long, only about 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure all the flour dissolves and none of the white lumps do not dissolve.
  • After boiling, add 250 ml of vinegar and stir until blended.
  • Remove and wait until it is not too hot.
  • Enter the dough into the clear plastic bag provided, not too full, only about 13 spoons for 1 kg of plastic.
  • Flatten the filled bag until the dough is evenly distributed in the plastic.
  • Close the plastic tightly so that it does not leak, make sure it is sturdy and not too heavy.
  • Store in the refrigerator for 12 hours or until set. The ice gel is also ready to be used to cool breast milk, fruit, food and so on while traveling.

Isn't it easy enough to make an ice pack from tapioca flour? If you are in urgent need of ice gel for household needs, you can choose this method.

Tapioca is considered more comfortable to wear than children's diapers. If used to store food, of course this tapioca ice pack will be safer and healthier.

Those are 2 simple ways to make ice packs that you can use as a guide for making them. Hope it is useful ...!!

Original source : Cara Membuat Ice Pack dari Popok Bayi dan Tepung Tapioka

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