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How to Make Flower Decorations From Oil Palm Seeds and Saga Seeds.

There are many creations and crafts that can be made into something valuable and valuable, ranging from plastic waste, seeds, fish scales and much more.

In this article, I will give a tutorial on how to make various flower decorations from seeds for display at home, in the workspace or as a side business.

How to Make Flower Decorations From Oil Palm Seeds and Saga Seeds.

Before assembling, you have to pay attention first that the grains that are ready to be assembled are those that have been processed, such as dried and then cleaned.

If you want a whiter color, soaked in peroxide solution for 4 hours, washed, then dried again. Peroxide solution you can buy at a chemical store with a concentration for bleach.

If you want to be colored, soaked in a decoction of textile dye solution, then dried again.

To avoid attacks from insects, the seeds that have been processed are placed in a closed container with camphor/camphor.

For a shiny effect, the seeds are sprayed with clear paint, it is recommended to spray them after becoming a flower arrangement to make it look attractive and nice.

Here's how to make flower decorations from oil palm seeds and saga seeds :

Required tools

  • Glue gun (Glue gun);
  • Tang;
  • Scissors;
  • White glue;
  • Pencil;

Materials needed

  • Small flower vase;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Dry twigs;
  • Agel rope;
  • Palm seeds;
  • Saga seeds;

How to make

1. Glue the saga seeds on the styrofoam randomly using a hot glue gun.

2. Glue the palm kernels, until they cover all the surface of the Styrofoam. Leave it for a branch.

3. Plug the twig that has been given hot glue to the base of the styrofoam.

4. Plug the twig into the vase that has been given an oasis.

5. Cover the oasis with green moss, add ribbon from but Agel to enhance the look.

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