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How To Make Candlenut Oil For Hair Care

How To Make Candlenut Oil For Hair Care

How To Make Candlenut Oil For Hair Care - Not only as a cooking spice, pecan also has many benefits for health and hair care. Here's the process for making hazelnut oil.

Candlenut is a type of seed plant which is usually used as a spice in cooking. Apart from being used as a spice in cooking, candlenut is also often used in medicinal and body care practices such as hair care.

Despite its unique appearance, pecan contains many beneficial nutrients. Before being processed into oil, hazelnut contains omega-3 fatty acids, and various types of vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin F.

As we know, omega-3s are natural fatty acids that are good for maintaining blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. Plus the content of various vitamins, making candlenut has a million benefits for humans.

The content of hazelnut is useful for the human body, especially the hair. Candlenut is able to prevent hair loss, thickens and darkens hair.

Benefits of Candlenut Oil

The various vitamin content in hazelnut oil is very good for hair health. Benefits such as preventing hair loss and lengthening hair.

1. Prevent Hair Loss.

The problem of hair loss, damage and split ends can be overcome by using hazelnut oil regularly. Not only contains vitamins that are useful for hair, but pecan also contains high protein and minerals. This content is able to strengthen the hair roots, so that hair loss problems can be prevented.

2. Lengthening Hair.

In addition to preventing hair loss, the use of hazelnut oil is effective in lengthening hair naturally. It is enough to use it regularly after shampooing from the scalp to evenly distribute it throughout the hair.

How To Make Candlenut Oil

To get these benefits from candlenut, we can try how to make candlenut oil at home. For how, please see below:

The ingredients needed to make hazelnut oil

  • Provide as much as 250 grams of hazelnut
  • water to taste. For comparison, candlenut is more than water, don't let it get too much water and make it too dissolve.
  • small bowl,
  • mortar to smooth, can be replaced with a blender,
  • spoon
  • small pot
  • stove.

Don't forget to wash all the utensils that will be used first. Once all materials and utensils are ready, wash your hands thoroughly, and follow the steps below.

Process of Making Candlenut Oil

  • Grind the hazelnut first using a mortar. If you don't have a mortar, a blender can be an alternative solution. It is recommended to use a small blender specifically for spices, so that the hazelnut is evenly smooth. If you are forced to use a blender, add a little water to mash the candlenuts to the maximum. 
  • After that, add water to the smooth hazelnut mixture. Keep stirring until the water and candlenut are mixed together.
  • Prepare a container to filter the hazelnut dregs with its juice using a cloth. The process of squeezing is almost the same as the process of squeezing grated coconut. Make sure the juice goes into the bowl that has been prepared.
  • Bring the hazelnut water to a boil in a small saucepan over medium heat. It takes a long time to boil the hazelnut oil, so you have to be patient to wait and stir it. Only then, after boiling and turning into oil, turn off the stove. 
  • Let stand for a moment to cool, then pour into a small bottle.

How to Use Candlenut Oil

Once the hazelnut oil boils and have let it cool, put it in a special bottle. Choose a bottle or container as needed. For example, hazelnut oil will be used as hair oil, it is better to choose a canister bottle that is easy to open and close.

After that, the hazelnut oil can be used immediately. The use of hazelnut oil for hair, can be used after shampooing and when the hair is half dry. Pour a few drops of hazelnut oil on the scalp and then smooth it by hand. After that, apply it to your palms and wipe your hair from top to bottom.

While other uses, hazelnut oil can be applied directly or dropped to certain parts that require handling. Like dealing with dry skin, just apply hazelnut oil to dry skin and spread it evenly.

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