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3 Ways to Make Magnets

3 Ways to Make Magnets

Along with the development of knowledge and technology, magnets have been used in various electronic devices such as telephones, televisions, speakers, dynamos, measuring instruments, and many others.

In essence, objects that can be attracted by magnets are objects that contain metal elements. However, not all metals can be affected by metal's attractiveness. One of the metals with a strong magnetic attraction is iron and steel.

Magnets were first discovered by the Greeks in a place called Magnesia. That's where the word magnet comes from and is widely used. The first form of magnetism was discovered in the form of a natural magnet in the form of a rock.

Magnets have two poles, namely a north pole and a south pole. The two poles are the part of the magnet that has the strongest force. Even when a magnet is broken down into its smallest pieces, there are always north and south poles. As is known, if two magnetic poles are brought together, there will be repulsion.

Conversely, if two different magnetic poles are brought near, the two magnets will generate an attractive force. Regarding the shape, magnets can be found in various shapes and sizes. What is often found is a straight bar magnet. However, there are also forms of horseshoes and needles.

The strongest magnetic attraction is at the north and south poles. But that doesn't mean the other side of the magnet can't attract metal objects. Magnetic forces also arise around magnets other than at the two poles. This force is known as the magnetic field.

The magnetic field can be described by sprinkling iron filings on the glass under which a magnet is attached. Then the iron powder will stick as if it was connected directly to a magnet. To find out the strongest part of the magnet, you can see the iron filings that look close to each other.

Talking about magnets, it turns out that we can make magnets ourselves. There are 3 ways to make a magnet that we can make. The following are ways to make magnets:

1. How To Make Magnets By Rubbing.

How To Make Magnets By Rubbing

The first way to make a magnet is by rubbing it. We only need a permanent magnet and the object we want to energize. Objects that can be magnetized are objects that already have magnetic properties, for example iron and steel. These objects consist of small magnets and domains called elementary magnets.

The trick is to rub a permanent magnet on the object you want to use as a magnet. Rub in one direction regularly. The unidirectional and regular motion makes the permanent magnetic flow to the object become magnetically affected.

To determine the north and south poles of an artificial magnet, we only need to look at the rubbed ends of the permanent magnet. So, the object used to receive the magnetic flow is the pole opposite the end of the permanent magnet.

2. How to Make Magnets with Electromagnetics.

How to Make Magnets with Electromagnetics

How to make a second magnet is electromagnetic. As the name implies, electromagnetics is an alternative to making magnets by means of the flow of an electric current. The source of electricity that can be utilized can be in the form of batteries of all sizes.

Electromagnetics requires direct current (DS). This means that we need two batteries in order to practice this method. In addition, prepare objects that you want to turn into magnets, such as iron nails. Also prepare a coil cable or iron wire as an intermediary for the flow.

First, stack two battery stones to connect the coil wires. Connect the two ends of the cable with the positive and negative poles of the battery. Don't forget to peel off the end of the coil using scissors. Next, wrap the wire around the iron nails. So, your magnet is ready to use.

To determine the north and south poles of an artificial magnet, you can use the right hand rule. Namely by grasping the iron nail in the position that the thumb is opened, while the other finger is still grasping it. Thus, the thumb indicates the direction of the magnetic north pole.

3. How to Make Magnets by Induction.

How to Make Magnets by Induction

The third way to make a magnet is by induction. The way induction works occurs due to the influence of magnetic forces on an elementary magnetic object or conductor. Prepare a permanent magnet with the object you want to turn into a magnet. Place the two objects close together in a vertical position.

Then, place a needle or other object that can stick with magnets. Make sure the position of the permanent magnet and the conductor does not change. Observe the movement of the needle that you have placed under the conductor. Slowly, the needle will stick to the conductor.

However, if the permanent magnet is removed, the conductor will automatically lose its magnetic properties. It's a different story if the conductor used is a steel rod. The steel rod can still attract the needle even when the permanent magnet is removed.

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