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How To Make an Emergency Lamp From Cooking Oil

How to Make a Cooking Oil Lamp. When the rainy season arrives, electricity often goes out or mass blackouts are carried out by security guards or security guards in residential or residential complexes because of the large number of lightning or thunderstorms. If there are no candles or emergency lights at home, then your house feels dark.

How To Make an Emergency Lamp From Cooking Oil

Anyone must have experienced a blackout (electricity). It doesn't really matter if it dies during the day. But on the other hand, if the candles die at night, the stock of candles runs out, the emergency lights are damaged or you forget to charge them, and the nearest shop is closed, it's going to be a lot of trouble doing dark activities.

Want it dark? Moreover, the wife is cooking or having dinner with family and other activities. For those who have a lot of candles in stock and have emergency lights or have kerosene lamps, such as Petromax, wall lamps (telok lamps) may not be a problem.

Calm down buddy, here are tips on how to make lighting instead of candles using cooking oil.

Materials needed :

  • Glass cup
  • Cooking oil (preferably new)
  • Used cloth (you can also use cotton, stove wicks, bandages, etc. The important thing is that the cloth does not contain plastic or rubber)
  • Fireworks wire (you can use a non-flammable power cord with a non-flammable hinge (no wire required).

The process of how to make it:

  • Cooking oil into a cup / glass until almost half.
  • Twist the fabric that you have prepared to resemble a wick.
  • The cloth that has been twisted at the top end about 1 cm left, wrap the fireworks wire or something else.
  • When finished, dip the cloth into the glass that has been filled with cooking oil, make sure all the cloth is wet with oil
  • Next, the end of the cloth with the wire rope is lifted up to the lip of the glass and try to keep the wire from falling into the glass.
  • Once ready the tip of the top wick is ready to be burned

That's how to make a lamp fueled by cooking oil. Calm down, this lamp is very safe, because cooking oil is not flammable, even if the cooking oil spills or the wick falls into the oil, the fire will automatically die.

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